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Just one last time

Swastik, this one is inspired by you. RIP And I loved you. I always will.   “I walk down these stairs not spread love or to spread joy I walk down to see you just one more time. I walk down this path, not to make it a bed of roses for thee.. I am … Continue reading

Love Story

The ten most difficult steps of the day I take I see you, panic and turn around to run away. But I saw your eyes fall on me I saw a small smile playing on the corners of your perfect lips As if you got a satellite call from “thee” So I pull myself together and turn … Continue reading

Weighing each step

“One step at a time”, they tell me.. I take half a step and go back.. ‘Cause I am just too shy.. And YOU don’t realize why!     Just a click away, lies my destiny.. Fingers go numb and hands shiver.. as I think of the prospect..     *All would be gone, All … Continue reading