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Happy Feet ^_^

Who cares what is the reason or the logic behind some ceremony or some festival. If it brings you joy, why not just live in the moment and not care about everything else. Christmas is one such occasion. Whether you are old or young, fair or dark, Christian or not- you  celebrate this day. Admit … Continue reading

Love Story

The ten most difficult steps of the day I take I see you, panic and turn around to run away. But I saw your eyes fall on me I saw a small smile playing on the corners of your perfect lips As if you got a satellite call from “thee” So I pull myself together and turn … Continue reading

I am Normal. Or am I?

This was written way back. When I was in 8th or maybe 9th. I somehow stumbled across it a few months back and since then, I wanted to share it. Now that I am writing a blog, so WTH! Pardon the many dots. (: My life…it starts with me of course and the first thing … Continue reading