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Doodle your thoughts

What do you do when you have multiple lines of thoughts running through your mind? What do you do when there is so much going on in your head that you can’t really concentrate on any one particular thing? And you don’t really know WHAT you are thinking about because there’s so much crammed in … Continue reading

“What if-“

What if you walk on an empty street in the middle of the night and fall? What if you are out of milk in the refrigerator and  are too tired to get some? What if you see a bad dream and wake up at midnight with no one by your side? What if all you want to … Continue reading

All I want is YOU.. (:

I don’t dream of a Royal Wedding. I don’t want a Prince Charming to come riding on a white horse for me. I don’t want the BIG things. I just want those small things in life that matter the most.   I don’t crave for fancy cars, or big bungalows; designer clothes or expensive gifts. … Continue reading