“How many times?” She asked him. “How many times do you expect me to tell you not to do it? It’s driving me crazy! I’ve tried hinting you, tried other ways of letting you know, told you on your face- and even then you say you don’t understand?”   “What do you want me to … Continue reading

Mumbai’s Shadow City- Dharavi, 90 Feet Road

“Some call the Dharavi slum an embarassing eyesore in the middle of India’s financial capital. Its residents call it home.” And me? I call it a small wonder as I explore it and discover crafts worthy of being known. These are a few pictures I clicked while researching on Dharavi leather work. It was enticing … Continue reading

Evil People. Evil world.

The world understands nothing but barter. For centuries this world has been all about give and take. Only when you give, you get back in return- this has been the simple fundamental of nature. But there are exceptions everywhere. There are a few people who believe just in giving. These people are selfless people who … Continue reading