Note to self

Note to self:

  • NEVER fall in love
  • NEVER love someone and befriend them. It only hurts when the feeling is not reciprocated.
  • NEVER fall in love at first sight. Or with a friend. Or fall in love at all, if you can.
  • NEVER think just because a guy talks to you for hours every night, they love you- Guys are jerks. And confused. And don’t really think half as much as you do.
  • NEVER TALK TO ANYONE IN BETWEEN 2 to 3 am. It’s highly dangerous.
  • Do NOT cry. It shows.
 Another list coming up!
  • Do NOT stay in a room with Maa alone.
  • STOP listening to emotional songs. They do NOT help.
  • Work on that smile.
  • Wash your face after you cry! If the lashes are wet, the game is over.
  • STOP replying to his every text. He is just being nice.
  • GET A GRIP AND FRIGGING MOVE ON! (Yes, this ONE thing please do!)
 And a third one!
  • Do NOT waste time over stupid thoughts.
  • CONCENTRATE on your frigging portfolio!
  •  Stop worrying about the world. (BRING THIS TO ACTION IMMEDIATELY)
  • And keep walking. You are moving on and you know it! Don’t stop. NO MATTER WHAT.
There’s a fourth list coming right up-
  • Never give up on your dreams. If you don’t believe in them, no one will.
  • Never stop hoping. Keep working hard, if things have to fall in place, they will.
  • Never give up on yourself. You are that sole person you can count on to stand up for you.
  • NEVER EVER TRY AND GIVE YOUR DOG A HAIRCUT. You’ll end up cutting his ear.
  • Never eat after midnight, you’ll face difficulties in the morning. :D

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