Welcome people. (:

I am obliged that you thought this worth the time.

I am a hopeless romantic. I keep saying that all the time.

Seeing this blog, you may feel the same way. ‘Cause there will be  a lot of “love” here. (:

Love, after all, is just that one feeling you cannot get rid of. However much you try to not love a day. You wake up loving the next day.

And I am a lover.

I always will be one. Just like each one you. So, this is dedicated to that love that is alive in all of us. At all times.  The love that never dies. The love that will never die. The love that CANNOT die. Because when god created us, there was no “Delete love” button, or “switch off” the love mode button.

So love, since you don’t have an option!


“If it makes you smile, it makes my day. If it helps you, it solves my purpose.”


One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Its so very nice reading you. NEver blame urslf for anythg.
    Nothing more and nothing less you get from whatever you deserve. Always hope for the best.
    Feel urslf lucky always. Everything happens for good.
    Never regret for anythg. U a very nice gal.
    ALways believe in urlsf.


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