You are your own critic. No one else.

“They told me the world is not for honest people. They said honesty wouldn’t take me too far. They said I need to be manipulative, deceitful and cunning to make something out of myself in life. I would like to tell just these two words today:


So someone thinks your efforts are just not good enough? And who are they to have an opinion about your life? They get to speak about your work because of course they are at a place of power. But does power give someone the freedom to criticise another person’s work?

Design is and has always been subjective. How can one judge it on any parameters? What is art to one can be a piece of ordinary to another. And that’s why we have rules. Rules that bind them in certain parameters. Rules that define the holistic approach towards any project. Whatever is inside this parameter can be broken. But a designer needs to discipline his ideas within this parameter. So if a budget is given, it is one of those rules that can’t be bent. If a time frame is mentioned, it remains the same regardless of who you are or where you come from. And that’s why colleges have separate marks for regularity and sincerity towards a project. That’s why when a client has a deadline, you need to be able to meet it. Because of course, that teaches one discipline. There’s a sense of discipline in breaking rules too. And the ones who learn to achieve it, succeed. But let me share a secret from my experience of just twenty two years, (which isn’t a lot), honesty pays you in gold. It makes you stronger. It makes you more confident. It teaches you to be patient. It pushes you to walk that extra step. It grooms you into a better human being. It teaches you to be compassionate. It makes you suffer on most occasions, I agree. I’ve seen friends who take the wrong route reach there quicker. But I’ve also seen that they don’t last there for long. And as for other people criticising your work, a great man once said, “The artist is the only one qualified to criticize his art, because only the artist knows what he was trying to express and how satisfied he is with the attempt.”
(Ron Brackin, investigative journalist, author, news anchor)

So if someone has an opinion about your work and you agree, good.
If not, tell them to get a life!


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