A part of Inaya. Ants.

Tired. Exhausted. And lost

She walked around aimlessly like an ant who’s lost its companions. Trying to find her way back into a place which seemed remotely familiar.

As a kid, sitting on the kitchen table, she would talk to her mom while she cooked, and would often see these ants around the sugar container. She would often look at them and get fascinated by how they moved together in a line and never seemed to lose each other. Innocent as a young girl her age should be, Inaya would often, for fun, put her finger in between or her pencil to interrupt the line. Sometimes the ants would stop walking and loose their way. Other times they would start walking on her pencil. Inaya would then put them in someplace else. And guess what? The ants wouldn’t stop walking because they’d lost their original line. They would continue to walk, regardless of where they were. They would continue to carry whatever they were. It was not the end of the world for them. It shouldn’t be the end for her as well. It should be a new beginning rather.

She was lost. She was in an unfamiliar land. She was alone. But she wasn’t supposed to give up. She was supposed to keep walking. It’s just that it was really hard this time. Really really hard.


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