“How many times?” She asked him. “How many times do you expect me to tell you not to do it? It’s driving me crazy! I’ve tried hinting you, tried other ways of letting you know, told you on your face- and even then you say you don’t understand?”

“What do you want me to do? Tell her to not talk to me?” He said, heatedly. “You want me to tell her I can’t talk to you because my girlfriend is over possessive? You realise how crazy that is?”
“I don’t want you to say that. I want you to not say anything at all. I just wish you wouldn’t initiate a talk every time. You know she liked you. You know I was an option in front of her for a couple of months for you. And you know that I know both of these facts. But do you know how I feel when you go on talking about her in our alone time? When you keep bringing her topic up and keep talking about things you’ve been doing together? I feel like an option still. It took me an year to heal your heart and get that bitch out of it. And then I was treated as an option for a couple of months till you could decide what you wanted from life and now that you chose me, I expect to finally be your woman. The only one in your life. And what do I get? You ask me to not talk to most of my male friends and I do it. Willingly. Because for me, you’ve always been on the top of my priority list. I can understand how you feel about it. And then when I am insecure and I feel uncomfortable with your conversations with a particular someone who’d once told me she likes you, you go on ignoring it, disrespecting it and lying about it. Seriously?”
“Hey hang on! I don’t talk to her all the time. I can’t simply ignore her-“
He started.
“Sweetie, remember how you’d asked me to check your chat box if I didn’t trust you? Recently, I did it. And hey guess what! More than half the time it’s you who initiates it.”
“Inaya, you have to understand I have a life of my own. You can’t go on dictating it. I have the right to choose my friends. She is a friend. No matter what you say. You don’t trust me. I can’t make you trust me. I love you. I can’t really explain it to you. If you don’t-“
“You just lied to me. I asked you clearly if she was the one who gave you the review and if you were talking to her, you said no. And you were. I am going crazy. I really need some time off. This can’t go on. It can’t. Not unless you understand what is wrong in here.” She choked. “Do you have anything to say?” He kept quite. “Nothing, baby? Not even a word in your defense?” Not even a word to convince me to stay back, she thought mentally. “No, sweetie. Nothing” His words were just a whisper.
She couldn’t stop the tears any more. She hung up without saying anything. Always been an option, always will be. And that’s how her life would be with him. She’ll have to make peace with the fact. For her she wasn’t wrong in being protective and feeling vulnerable. For him, it was right to talk to whoever he wanted to.
Maybe she was right thinking he didn’t love her enough to see her pain and her humiliation. Maybe he was right to think she was paranoid for no reason and didn’t have a right to decide if he wanted to talk to this other girl or not. Whatever it was, Inaya kept crying and kept thinking.
Maybe she did need time off. Maybe she did need time to think about her future again. Because if for the same thing you have a fight thrice, there’s something that’s not right. And maybe she just needed to rethink. 

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