Mumbai’s Shadow City- Dharavi, 90 Feet Road

IMG_7007 IMG_7013IMG_7044IMG_6996 IMG_7035 IMG_7058 IMG_7063 IMG_7082

“Some call the Dharavi slum an embarassing eyesore in the middle of India’s financial capital. Its residents call it home.”

And me? I call it a small wonder as I explore it and discover crafts worthy of being known.
These are a few pictures I clicked while researching on Dharavi leather work. It was enticing the very feel of the place- dirty, filthy, chaotic, but it had a strange sense of comfort. The honking and the chattering was not meant to cause irritation but it rather calmed you down. The friendly gestures, the warm welcomes, the ever-so confusing maze of wonder- Dharavi is not a place but rather a way of life. This was indeed an experience of a lifetime. (:


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