Posted in November 2012

When you say nothing at all

This is most certainly my favourite scene in this movie now. It’ll always remind me of a day well-lived. And well, after yesterday, it’s one of my favourite songs too. (: Advertisements

Inaya- Cry a little less?

I ask you to walk out of that door and when you are on the door, leaving, I don’t want you gone- this is how messed up I am. And this is how messed up I have made life for you. I am sorry. No one deserves it. Not you, especially. I am just not … Continue reading

LoveStruck, much? P:

I just got done reading Where Rainbows End (again). And let me tell you, I can’t even begin to say how much I enjoyed it. The light sarcasm, the confusion, the anticipation- all of it make this book a wonderful read. And well seeing Alex and Rosie so tangled in their lives, I am made … Continue reading