Posted in February 2012

A day for smiles.. (:

I like this time of the sun best. It is warm and welcoming. Reminds me of the way mum would hug me when I would come back tired from school. She has always been my energy booster! The sun is doing the same today. Seems like some┬árevitalizing┬átonic! (: It is talking to me, almost. Smiling … Continue reading

And then you smile

After the tears, and the silent cursing. After the doubts and the dilemma. You choose a path, and you smile. Because, isn’t this what everybody says? We have been hearing it through and through. Take the decision at the right moment and then, make it the right one for you. At least I have been … Continue reading

Chapter of Love

A lifetime is not enough to feel love. An eternity I have waited. Another lifetime I can wait, if I get to be with you. I see hands entwined everywhere, for it is the day of love. But isn’t everyday to be celebrated? Shouldn’t we celebrate life AND love everyday? ‘Cause indeed love is all … Continue reading