I can’t defy love

Every evening standing on this empty balcony,
a strange restlessness seems to hit me.

I see kids running back to their homes, as the sun sets
with kites won in kite wars and their charms and amulets..
The honking of the car had never interested me so much.
The calls of the vegetable sellers never had that aesthetic touch.

But it is not the kites or the honking I stand here for,
As the sky turns pink and the sun, in the tallness of the buildings, sinks
My cheeks burn and I turn a shade of the evening sky
As I imagine you climb up this balcony, to prove that you are my “Romeo Guy”

“O Romeo Romeo wherefore art thou?”
Every girl wants her guy to climb up her balcony and vow
that he would love her forever.
She wants him to keep that grip on her hand tight as they grow older..
And just that one promise to stay by her side,
would make life a complete joyride.

As I stand here, finally I know why.
’tis just because I am still in love
And this, alas! I can’t defy.



Pink skies and the sunset at Amdavad


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