Posted in December 2011

A reason to smile

As promised I am posting the write-up. And it is for nobody but me today. And never hide! Neither your feelings nor your thoughts   It is important for me that I write today. I love you. I loved you the day I saw you for the first time and our eyes met. I loved … Continue reading

New Year resolution, much?

We all make resolutions. Every year. Admit it. You do too. (:¬†And we break them every year! Admit that as well. ( P: ) I admit it. So many resolutions I made, promising myself to study for some number of hours every day to not staying up late at nights to maintaining a regular diary … Continue reading


As she sat on her bed, cross-legged, with her laptop on and her cell phone right next to her, she started thinking. She was turning nineteen in a few minutes. But wait. Hadn’t she started moving towards nineteen, the day she turned eighteen? Isn’t that correct? Every second she’d been coming closer to nineteen. Every … Continue reading