You are your own critic. No one else.

“They told me the world is not for honest people. They said honesty wouldn’t take me too far. They said I need to be manipulative, deceitful and cunning to make something out of myself in life. I would like to tell just these two words today: WATCH ME.” So someone thinks your efforts are just … Continue reading

A part of Inaya. Ants.

Tired. Exhausted. And lost She walked around aimlessly like an ant who’s lost its companions. Trying to find her way back into a place which seemed remotely familiar. As a kid, sitting on the kitchen table, she would talk to her mom while she cooked, and would often see these ants around the sugar container. … Continue reading

Show them the door

Have you had to experience that feeling when you are not just good enough for anyone? No matter how much you try, no matter what, they will always find a fault in you? I have felt that way. I know what it feels like. And frankly, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from it is that … Continue reading